Contact information

Contact us if you have questions about orders, our algae, cultivation or something else related to the culture collection.

Have a look at our questions and answers page, and reach out if your question remains unanswered. Our staff and algae is located in Oslo Science Park/Forskningsparken (map) and you will reach us at or (+47) 22 18 51 00 (ask for Camilla, Vladyslava or Petra).

Camilla H.C. Hagman (on right)
Hagman curates and manages NIVA's algae culture collection. She has a masters degree in microbiology and her studies of freshwater phytoplankton are beneficial when working with the collection. Hagman apprenticed under NIVA-CCA co-founder Randi Skulberg before she was appointed curator in 2011.

Vladyslava Hostyeva (on left)
Hostyeva is a head engineer for NIVA-CCA. She has a masters degree in marine biology and extensive insight into the morphology and taxonomy of the major phytoplankton groups. Her laboratory skills combined with her knowledge of biology makes her well suited for the day to day operations of the collection.

Petra Mutinova
Mutinova is a research assistant for NIVA-CCA. Mutinova has a masters degree in botany, with specialization in phycology and both freshwater and marine ecology. She apprenticed under Vladyslava Hostyeva and Gert Hansen, the former curator of SCCAP, thus she is well suited for maintaining the diverse algal strains received from SCCAP and the University of Oslo in December 2016, and for supporting smooth running of the whole culture collection.